Waltham WI c.1930

Waltham WI c.1930

Eric Wright has kindly let us scan this photograph of Waltham’s WI, taken (we think) in the doorway of Kevin Morgan’s old house opposite the Methodist Chapel in about 1930. And with the help of Jean Hurton, we think we’ve identified all the ladies (and one gent).

If you can add any information about any of the ladies, please get in touch by clicking here. Click on the main image to enlarge it. And click on any of the names below to reveal close-up images. You can then scroll through the faces using your keyboard right-arrow key.

Back row (from left to right): Mrs South, Miss Alice Hand, Mrs Leak, Mrs Hudson.

Middle row: Mrs Peet, Mrs Walker, Mrs Wright (Eric’s mother), Mrs Watson, Miss Hand, Mrs Bishop, Miss Lord, Mrs Atterwell, Mrs Cox (we seem to have one more name than there are people on this row!).

Front row: Mrs Scoley, Mrs Heath, Mrs Ward, Mrs Adley, Mr Ward, Miss Peet, Mrs Lord, Mrs Pykett, Mrs Harry Watson.

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