Village advertisers

Village advertisers

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These ads for local traders appear in the church magazine for February 1965. Many of the names are still well-known in the village. We’ve only just posted a diary of Betsy Kellam who was born in Waltham in 1913 (click here to view). She was one of 12 children born in 2 Rose Cottages – so I’m not sure how she would have been related to the Kellam & Sons advertising property repairs as well as painting and decorating.

Geeson & Sons are still in the village. And we have photos of the old Post Office on the High Street displaying the name ‘J B Epperson’ above the shop window (click to view). Our local historian was Dennis Hurton. And we have a map drawn by his son, John, on this website here. I’m assuming they must be related to the F D Hurton advertising Electrical work.

The magazine itself is interesting. Typed in bright red, under the heading ‘The late Sir Winston Churchill’ are these stern words from the Rev. AGL Lancaster: “I must confess I was a little disappointed that the people of Waltham and indeed other villages, apparently did not feel under any obligation to unite in a corporate act of homage to all that the late Sir Winston stood for.”

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