The General Stores

The General Stores

Today’s Post Office is on the right in this view down the High Street. The sign above the doorway is difficult to make out, but looks like Johnson’s Stores. Does anyone know whether this is correct?

I know there was another general stores further down the High Street – opposite the church. So I’m surprised the village could support two similar shops so close together.

It’s always great to see people in these old photographs. I’d guess this must have been taken in the early 1900s – possibly as late as the 1920s.

Click on the image to enlarge it. Our thanks to Rob Pilkington for allowing us to copy it.

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  1. Richard Snodin (WLHG)

    The village had THREE shops when I was a youngster David! – the third was the building with bow windows opposite the village green on Melton Road, part of what is now Moorlands Farm.
    In those days (late 50’s) it was run by the Barber family, and later the Wardle’s.
    I recall at least two butchers also – Dick Shelton and Mr. Peet, and I believe there was a third…whose name escapes me!