The site is launched

The site is launched

It’s January 2nd 2010 and a light coating of snow still covers the village from the heavy falls of New Year’s Day. This Waltham Local History website was launched today. Although there’s very little information here at the moment, we’re hoping it will soon expand; providing a valuable resource for anyone interested in the village’s rich history, and into the lives of the generations that have lived here before us.

We’d be very grateful for your feedback and suggestions, as well as any personal recollections of life in the village. In particular, if you have any old photos of Waltham and would like to share them with others, please do let us know. We’ll treat them with great care and return them as soon as they’ve been scanned.


  1. Richard Snodin (Parish Heritage Warden)

    Well done David, I am delighted to see local history & heritage being shared with a wider audience – and being preserved for future generations. I will let you have photographs and information from my own collection to add to the website, and hope that others do the same – thus a central archive & historical record can be built up over a period of time.

  2. Thanks Richard. I’ve added quite a few – but will add more as and when I get a chance. It’s just a pity that we’ve been outbid for a few that have come up on ebay. I’m hoping that we may be able to sell a few prints and use the proceeds to bid for more in the future.