Waltham pubs

Three pubs on the High Street (click to enlarge).

At one time Waltham could boast an impressive 12 inns and alehouses. Many of these were probably little more than home-owners opening one of their main rooms. But it’s still a far cry from today.

With the recent closure of The Royal Horseshoes, Waltham now only has the one pub: The Marquis of Granby (although we’re hoping the Horseshoes will soon reopen). I’m not sure when the other main pubs closed down, but I think The George and Dragon closed its doors in the 1960s, and The Wheel in the 1940s.

Both these pubs were on the High Street. If you enlarge the photo above by clicking on it, you can just make out three pub signs.

John Hurton created a wonderful map some years back which shows the position of all 12 ale houses – as well as other important buildings now demolished. (Click here to view it on this website.) I’ve taken the information on the 12 pubs from John’s map and created the Google map below.

Click here to view a larger version of the Google map with captions in a new window.

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