Melton Road c.1960

Melton Road c.1960

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One of a series of copies I took of the various prints hanging in the Marquis – and photographed through its glass frame which probably explains the poor quality.

The village is looking very neat and picturesque (what a difference the lack of traffic must have made). I can’t recognise the car (maybe a Morris Cambridge or a Ford Zodiac?), but I’m sure it must have been taken some time in the 1960s.

Interesting to note the ‘Flowers’ brewery sign above the Marquis door – and the fact that the doorway to the lounge bar hadn’t yet been built.

If anyone can suggest a more accurate date, or provide any more information, please leave a comment below, or send a message via the contact page.

Photo: Thanks to Mark at the Marquis of Granby for allowing me to copy this photo.

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