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The 1920 Belvoir Estate auction catalogue

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Punitive death tax duties following the First World War forced the Duke of Rutland to sell a vast amount of land and property by auction in 1920 – including much of Waltham.

Waltham’s Heritage Warden, Richard Snodin, has a copy of the original auction catalogue (see right) and is happy provide print-outs for a nominal sum (which will go towards the cost of this website).

Click here to see a typical example from the catalogue showing the listing for The Wheel on High Street – which sold for the grand sum of £220.


  1. hi – i would be interested if anyone has any info re the history of Appletrees cottage on Goadby Road (nr 20)

    Richard – i would also be interested in a print out of the sale catalogue


  2. I’d be interested in anything about the Royal Horseshoes, I lived there during the sixties with my parents, Don and Freda McNeill.

    In particular, I’d like to know what the outbuildings were used for pre-sixties – we used them for storage and I believe they were later converted to guest accommodation.

    Kind regards


  3. Richard Snodin

    Hi Jayne,

    I well remember your parents, my father (Dick) was quite friendly with Don I recall. I seem to remember that one of the outbuildings was once a club room of some type – when I was at Waltham Primary School we once had to go there for classes, as there was a problem at the school (leaking roof or something!). That would have been around 1954-55.

    I have a copy of an article from the Leicester Advertiser March 31st.1967 with a photo of your father, and details of the Royal Horseshoes – I will see whether David can copy it and put it on this website.
    Kind regards, Richard.

  4. Hi Richard

    Thanks for your post – your thoughts on the outbuildings being a clubroom would make sense; I remember that the upper floor was one big room which was full of old chairs and there was a fireplace at one end of the room.

    Downstairs consisted of a room where Dad used to keep crates (there was an old piano in there too!), next to that was a garage and next to that were disused toilets. There was also a coalhouse as the pub had open fires in each bar.

    I’ll ask Dad if he remembers your father, I’m sure he will and he always likes to hear news from Waltham.

    I’d also be interested to hear anyone’s memories of Harry Hunt; he was the primary school’s headmaster during my time there in the sixties, his wife was a teacher at the school too.

  5. Hi Angela, I think you were at Waltham Primary at the same time as me. I’m now 56 – does that tie in??

    Jayne; I remember Harry fondly & his wife. I met him about 6 years ago (after a fourty year break!!) and he was just as I remeber him. My teacher was Mrs Greenway. I went to Waltham school until I was 8 or 9 when I moved to Melton.

  6. Hi – I’d be interested to receive any info on 34 High Street. From my understanding it was obviously a farm house and I think before that a school?


  7. vanessa musson

    Does anyone happen to know which building on High Street used to be just called The Farm House in the 19th century? My great great grandfather George Musson lived there in 1871, and farmed 328 acres somewhere around Waltham.

    I clocked Thatch Farm and another house that looked like a farm by the deli, but was unsure which might have been “Farm House”, assuming it is still standing.

  8. Hi Vanessa – I live across from the Deli (Bramley Farm) and know this house was once a farm although also a school before that. Hopefuly someone else will be able to enlighten us! Do you have any pics?

  9. vanessa musson

    Hi Nigel

    I only have pics of Waltham as it is today, which I took on my vist last Thursday. I presume you mean historical photos. And I did clock your house on the other side of the road to the one next door to the deli that also has “farm” in its name(!), and thought yours might be a contender too. Then I wondered if the farm house I am looking for might be whichever one is nearest to the former site of The George & Deagon pub, which George the farmer’s sister Ann ran for forty+ years in the 19th C.

  10. Hi Vanessa – it must be thatch farm then, once next to the George & Dragon. Have a look at this photo

  11. vanessa musson

    Oh yes, that would make sense! George in the farm house and sister Ann running the pub next door. This was in the 1860s and 1870s. : – )

  12. Daniel and Anna Fairhead

    We moved in to Moorlands Farm (next door to the Royal Horseshoes) late last year. We’re very interested in finding out more about the history of the property, and any old photos that could help with our restoration would be gratefully appreciated.

  13. Dear Richard,

    I would be very interested in information regarding our house, 29 Melton Road. I know from our deeds it was sold by the Duke of Rutland in 1921 to a Mr Norris (a builder from Nottingham) for the sum of £300.00! Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  14. Richard Snodin

    Dear Katie,
    Yes indeed, your cottage WAS sold for £300 in the Belvoir Estate Sale of 1920 – but that included the cottage next door! The sale would probably have gone through in 1921, as you say.
    The lot number was 153, and the tenant was S. Bishop.
    I know that you have been dealing with Alan & Mavis Luntley regarding this – and I have a lot more information for you, which I will pass on through them.
    With kind regards,

  15. No, Sorry I don’t know anything about the farmhouse, but my great grandfather was a George Musson born in this town (which is why I was looking at the site). Do you have any information on his wife/children??

  16. Hi Karen

    We are certainly related – George is my great great grandfather, married to Elizabeth Hayes, and I have a complete Musson family tree going back to George’s great grandfather, Thomas Musson (both are buried in Waltham churchyard). Contact me on and I can give you the full low down and find out which branch you belong to! (I am descended from George’s son John).

  17. Thinking about it, the George you mean may be George’s son, brother of my great grandfather John. That George was born in 1853, his father in 1818.

  18. Hi Does anyone know the age of 50 HIGH STREET? Interested in looking into the history but don’t know where to start

    Kind regards

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