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Genealogy is a very popular hobby these days. If you’re trying to trace your family’s Waltham roots, get in touch by clicking here and we’ll create a page for you. We’ll then add the name to the list below, and forward any messages we get direct to you.

And if you recognise any names on the list and think you may be able to help, simply click on the name and add a message on the page (these messages can remain private).

Mavis Luntley (right) has spent a lot of time tracing her own family roots using the Internet, and has kindly offered to help anyone else who may not be sure where to start. If you’d like to send a message to Mavis, please use our contact page.

Names we’re trying to trace


  1. Elsie Mable Lovett

    My name is Bobbe MacDonald I have given my email address in the “mail required” colum.
    I am looking for information regarding my mother Elsie Mabel Lovett. She was born in Waltham on the Wolds on 9/10 September 1899 and lived with her grandmother sarah Jane Lovett who was born in Harston in 1847. I have been told Elsie’s mothers name was Rose Lovett.
    If anyone can give me any information regarding this family I would really appreciate it. Many thanks in anticipation.

  2. Hi Bobbe, My Name is Janette McAvennie (Hendry)and have just found out that you are my Aunt. My Son Kevin Blair has been in touch with you regarding my Grandmother Elsie. I have tried for years to find out about her. My Aunt Claire (your half Sister) has been desperate to find out about her and I have also. It’s fantastic that Kevin has managed to find you and also help us know a bit more about my Grandmother. My Aunt Claire lives in Cleethorpes and she is so excited about all the updates. Are you an only child or have you Brothers & Sisters? Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi Bobbe,
    Janette and her son Kevin have already written to you to open some more avenues of communication about your mother and I am delighted that all this is happening. Janette mentioned her Aunt Claire…my mother and your half sister. Guess that makes you my auntie ! Bet you didn’t realise you had so many nieces!!
    Mum is over the moon to discover that she has a sister she knew nothing about and like you she is keen to know more about her mother and any other relatives.
    Although now 84 years old and not always in good health, Mum is still very ‘sharp’ mentally and you may be able to help each other with a few things. You will love her, everyone does.
    I’ll wait to hear from you and you know that if you would like a meeting or to speak on the phone then it can be arranged.
    With very best wishes

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