Waltham Heritage (WHLG)

The Waltham on the Wolds & Thorpe Arnold Heritage Group was reformed in April 2010. The initial impetus came from Waltham Heritage Warden, Richard Snodin (click here to read his invitation to an initial meeting).

New members are very welcome. Richard Snodin is Chairman, James Houghton is Vice Chairman, and David Bowles Secretary. To get in touch, simply send a message via the contact page.

We’re looking at a number of future projects. These were discussed at the meeting on 4th May.

Click on the links to download the minutes of any meeting (either as a Word document, or a pdf).

20th April 2010 : Word .doc : Acrobat .pdf
4th May 2010 : Word .doc : Acrobat .pdf
15th June 2010 : Word .doc : Acrobat .pdf
13th July 2010 : Word .doc : Acrobat .pdf


  1. Richard Snodin

    I am pleased to announce that WLHG is born!
    The acronym stands for ‘WOTWATA LOCAL HISTORY GROUP’ – and after discussion at the inaugural meeting last evening it was decided that this was the best way to represent the parish…without a lengthy name.
    The first ‘real’ meeting will be on TUESDAY APRIL 20TH. 7.30PM in the GRANBY INN – though I suspect the meeting will be mainly concerned with business matters, such as electing officers, adopting a constitution, banking etc.
    Having said that, all are welcome!

  2. Can you keep an old Waltham resident informed?

  3. Thanks for the comment, Timothy. The best person to get in touch with regarding WLHG is David Bowles. Click here to send him an email.

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