Large stone building opposite Methodist Chapel

Hi – great photos, info & stories on the website.

One thing not explored yet is the large stone building opposite the Methodist Church, on the right hand side as you leave the village for Grantham. It looks like an old hunting lodge, but is currently boarded up – which seems such a shame. I wonder what its history is etc & what’s its future?


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  1. The house in question belongs to the Belvoir Estate James. If we refer back to the huge Belvoir Estate Sale in 1920 the house was clearly retained by the estate, as was Croxton Park and much of the land to the north.
    In recent years the house was occupied by Mr. Kevin Morgan, the racehorse trainer, but is now sadly unoccupied and boarded-up.
    I have no idea what its future is – perhaps the Belvoir Estate Office could provide the answer to that one?

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