Re-thatching the Royal Horseshoes

Re-thatching the Royal Horseshoes

We’ve all watched as the Royal Horseshoes has been re-thatched over recent weeks and months. They’ve only just finished, and it’s wonderful to see the old pub looking so good. Many of us were concerned that it was never going to re-open its doors again.

John Hurton has just sent this photo of a previous re-thatching. (Click on the image to see it in full frame.) Judging by the lorry, it must have been taken in the late ’50s, early ’60s. So it was probably the last time the thatch was completely replaced.

Interesting to see that the roof timbers have completely collapsed in the centre. It also looks as though the roof along Goadby Road may be tiled rather than thatched – which is something I’ve never seen before. (But perhaps it’s just had the thatch removed prior to being replaced.)

Click here to see a similar view taken just a few weeks ago.

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  1. I know the Horseshoes was re-thatched round about 1965/66. I lived there at the time and I remember my brother, who was a toddler, causing great alarm when he decided to climb up the ladder and join the thatchers on the roof. I think my mother aged about ten years that day.

    I think the photo you have on the website must have been taken in the fifties, I can’t remember anything about the roof timbers collapsing when we lived there in the sixties..