Herding sheep over the crossroads

This is one of my favourite old photos of Waltham, showing sheep being herded across the crossroads. I’d guess it was taken some time around the early 1900s.
Source: Alan Luntley.


  1. This is the photo I gave you and is almost certainly taken in 1903. This picture was on display in the cabinet in the village hall and subsequently Richard was given a post card – same view with crypic message about a villager having died.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Alan. It is a wonderful photo – my favourite in fact. Someone recently asked me for a large sepia print of it (I think they must have seen it on the SaveOurSpire site). The print hasn’t arrived yet, but I thought I could use the proceeds to kick start a fund we could use when similar photos come up on ebay. We’ve missed a few good ones lately – which is a great shame.