Croxton Races: pre 1881

Croxton Races: pre 1881

Many thanks to Terry Hibbert for sending this photo, taken some time before 1881 at Croxton Park races. Terry writes: “I know it must be prior to that date as John Hibbert (stout chap at the back in top hat) died in 1881. He was my great-grandfather. The photo may have appeared in the Nottingham Guardian originally – I’ll try to find out.

The Hibberts were a Nottingham family, much into sports such as racing, coursing, even bare fist knuckle fighting. Charlie Hibbert had interests in Nottingham racecourse and, we think, Leicester too. He had several good racehorses and was well known in the racing fraternity.

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There’s quite a lot of information on this website about Croxton Races. Click here to view.

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  1. Charles Hibbert was one of the founder members of Leicester Racecourse in 1882. He was a bookmaker and racehorse owner. His horse, Tortoise, won 1,000 sovereigns in a 5 furlong race at Newmarket in 1889 against Mr Abington’s Mellifont. Many of his descendants have been involved in Leicester Racecourse’s management. He was my great great grandfather and I am now a Director. What was the connection between John and Charles Hibbert? Can this be forwarded to Terry Hibbert with my contact details please?

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