Croxton Park House

Croxton Park House

Many thanks to David Carlton for allowing me to copy this photo of Park House taken in the 1920s. Today, the house is a derelict ruin, standing forlornly within Croxton Park. It’s in a very dangerous state, but in its heyday, it was the Duke of Rutland’s hunting seat where the hunt would meet regularly during the season.

There is quite a lot of information on this site about the house, together with photos of it as it is today, as well as a wonderful line illustration showing it its full glory. The reason for its present state is that a local farmer – a Captain Kyle – removed the lead from the roof sometime in the 1950s.

Captain Kyle is rumoured to have been a German spy, and locals believed he drove up and down Bescaby Lane during the war with his headlights full on, directing German bombers towards the ammunitions factory in Grantham. But that’s another story!

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