Creating the lytch gates

Two very hirsute carpenters at work on the lytch gates to St Mary’s Church. From their dress, I’d guess it was taken in the 1880s-90s. These are the very same gates that stand today – and that many a villager has passed though on their way to church services, weddings and funerals over the last 100 years.


  1. What a superb photo, I have not seen this one before. I would suggest that one of the men is Mr. G. Chester, the village carpenter, who made the church lych gate in 1872. He also made the two village pump shelters on the green and on Melton Road, opposite the school.
    I wonder whether gates made today will still be going strong after 130 odd years?!

  2. That’s very impressive – made in 1872 and still going strong. From memory, this is one of Dennis Hurton’s collection. He told me they were all glass negatives which were about to be thrown out – along with quite a few other historical village documents.