Bescaby mystery

Bescaby mystery

Looking at a close-up detail of an old map I just posted on the site, I noticed that the road from Waltham to Grantham is shown going via Bescaby – rather than it’s present route through Croxton Kerrial. I just wondered whether this was the mistake of the map-maker.

I’m waiting for someone to confirm the dates of all these maps – which may give us a clue. But in the meantime, I wondered whether anyone might have any ideas.

Click here to view the map.


  1. Bearing in in mind the historical importance of the Bescaby and Croxton Park area (as documented elsewhere on this site), it becomes feasible that the main route WOULD have gone via that area… just a theory! Well spotted David.

  2. I’ve now had a chance to date this map – it’s 1787. The next map I have is dated 1830, and this shows the main road going as today’s A607 – from Waltham to Grantham through Croxton Kerrial, and not via Bescaby. So presumably it must have changed route between those dates.

    I wonder why. There doesn’t seem any obvious reason. In fact, travelling via Bescaby Road avoids the steep decline and incline approaching Croxton.

    Maybe the Duke preferred the other route because it took traffic further away from Croxton Park. Much in the same way that the Earl of Wilton – Melton’s most important aristocrat – ordered that the canal be diverted further away from Egerton Lodge.

    Just a theory!

  3. PS. I’d love to know the history of the large Georgian house close by the old Bescaby Road. It’s in a very dangerous state at the moment, but must have been very impressive in its day. Maybe it was the owner of this house who had a say in diverting the Waltham to Grantham Road further away from his grand property.

  4. Since I posted this, I’ve put another couple of pages on the site about Bescaby Lane and the Georgian ruins. Click either link to read them.