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Waltham history

Waltham has a tremendously rich history dating back to pre-Roman times. We hope this website will encourage people to explore and cherish its heritage.

At one time Waltham was one of the seven most important villages in all of Leicestershire. I don’t know why that was. But it should be interesting to try and find out.

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Waltham maps

There are some wonderful old maps of Waltham on this website. The oldest date back to Elizabethan times. They show how our small village changed in size and importance over the centuries.

These historically important maps were professionally photographed at Wigston Public Records Office.

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The midnight steeplechase

Aug 06

The midnight steeplechase...

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Croxton Park earthworks

Jul 18

Croxton Park earthworks

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Waltham’s wealthy twins

Jun 18

Waltham’s wealthy twins...

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Waltham maps

Jan 15

Waltham maps

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Progress update

Jan 09

Progress update

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Lud’s entrenchments

Mar 09

Lud’s entrenchments...

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