The Edwardian period

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High Society at Play

Most people regard the19th and early 20th century as the “heyday” of Melton – when the hunting confraternity included the nobility and royalty of Great Britain and even of Europe came to Melton for the hunting season – literally and figuratively ‘painting the town red’. John Ferneley, a local painter who gained national repute, captured the hunting scene for posterity.

Egerton Lodge.

Egerton Lodge. (Click to enlarge.)

Cardigan, who led the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava (and whom a recent BBC TV programme accused of cowardice) owned a house in Burton Street. Ergerton Lodge, occupied by the Wilton family, was the centre for the hunting confraternity.

It was at Burrough-on-the-Hill that King Edward VIIIth met Mrs Simpson (subsequently the Duchess of Windsor), leading eventually to his abdication.

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